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Who are the team members and what are their special personal attributes?
1) Kat ‘Wild move’ Maurer, studied the effects of lycra at the university of Notre Dame
2) Neil ‘live the dream’ Peterson, invented breakdancing, the wheel and the word ‘equilibrium’.

3) Marc ‘go big or go home’ Wallace, worked for British Intelligence and taught James Bond the Tango.

Where are you from?
Saarland, Guernsey and the L.A. Action Town

Why are you gonna be the world champions?
We were just born to do it.

Which artist primarily influenced you on your long career till becoming a world class ugly dancer?
Barak Obama, The artist formerly known as prince, (who might now be known as a sign, but also might be know as his real name again – unsure), Take That, The Bangles, Kat’s mum, and Angela Merkel.

How would you describe your style and what’s your signature move?
Our style is sub-Saharan funk with drum and bass-alien-electro overtones, mixed with a mish-mash of mystic movie music.

Our signature move is the ass dance, added to an unfound relation of the moon walk, whilst adding huge amounts of arm-swinging, hip-shaking, body-popping breakdancing.

What have you ever wished to tell us and the world?
(a letter to the world from nosymbolrequired)

Dear world,

I awoke to the sound of the toilet speaking to me, and wanted to tell you about our conversation, and some questions that arose from it:

Since the cosmos and you began, you’ve done a pretty good job. However, why not, in future, make your pavements a little more even, your trees grow straight and the women in Hamburg a little more persuadable? Why did it always rain when I was seventeen? What is the difference between a hole and a gap? Why, after it rains, do you make something as beautiful as a rainbow, when you should just do without the rain in the first place? Why on earth did you make Finland? What are Moris dancers all about? What is the score with cricket? Why are all the men in Australia real men, and the women there, real men? Why do people speak different languages? Where does belly button fluff come from? Please explain.

Furthermore, when evolving, you made some mistakes, haven’t we all. However, Finland should never have been created, and I hope you put this down to your adolescent drugs trialing stage, and are suitably embarrassed by what you have created.

In conclusion, world, you have done some great things (like inventing beer – genius), and although you are not perfect, you are beautiful in your ugliness…

“We who are about to dance – salute you”

P.S. World, please let us win the ugly world dance cup, we promise that the fame will not go to our heads, and to quote the wise words of Jenny: “despite all the rocks that I got, I’m still, I’m still Jenny from da block”

Yours sincerely


We say ugly! You say…wordtoyourmommas!


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