ugly dance


Q: I'm in love with Falko from the Ugly Dance Team of Excellence. How to connect?
A: Who isn't? Feel free to send love letters to You can propose to the other members as well. Just place bjoern, christian or flo in front of to communicate with the sweet boys.

Q: What is Ugly Dancing?
A: Honestly, we have no idea. Everything is possible. Just ruin it. But one thing is certain: it's not about bad dance; we don't search for people who are unable to dance. In fact it's about great ugly moves and spectacular anti-styles. Use your creativity!

Q: Do I have to edit/cut my application video? ?
A: Not at all. It's about horrible moves and unsexy grooves, not about effects. Creativity and the art of ugliness are far more important. The video should be approx. 40-80 seconds, fine cut or one-take, snapshot camera or HD...everything is fine, it's your decision.

Q: Who can apply? ?
A: Everyone who is convinced of his/her ugliness and has reached his/her 18th birthday. We love to exploit our un-fit bodies with strong liquor of all kinds; but unfortunately, if you are too young we can't do that at the event. That's why.

Q: Who picks out the nominees?
A: The Ugly Dance Team of Excellence will select the 9 most hideous teams which will perform live at the 2nd annual Ugly Dance World Cup October 23, 2010, Club Terrace Hill in Hamburg, Germany. But there’s a Joker, too: The team who boast the most clicks on their video between August 15, 2011 and October 5, 2011 receives a wild card and is automatically nominated as the 10th team in the game.

Q: What are the selection criteria?
A: Outstanding ugliness, creativity, singularity/unseen moves and fun factor. The Ugly Dance Team of Excellence will select with both know-how and arbitrariness.

Q: If my team is selected to perform live at the event in Hamburg, who pays for travel and accommodation expenses? ?
A: Unfortunately you have to pay for yourself. The Ugly Dance World Cup is a non-commercial fun event. All money we earn will be put into the follow up event 2012. Just make it a holiday; a trip to Hamburg is always worth it. Our tip: try to find a supporter/sponsor for your team.

Q: What's the prize for the world champion? ?
A: Being 3rd Ugly Dance World Champion is the best benefit, isn't it? You win respect, honor, a ridiculous trophy and countless groupies. Who doesn’t want to sleep with an Ugly Dance artist? Additionally there might be some nice surprises by our sponsors.