ugly dance


Without the good looks and great help of our friends Ugly Dance World Cup simply wouldn't work. We love you, we thank you, we cheer you, we kiss you, we stop now! Thanks!!!


Niklas Plutte & Steffen Heller
for legal advice, nice!

Tom Deering
, Jay Ridings & Mike Supp
for translation and english lessons...did we write this korrectly?

& Anja
for stunning make-up, we haven't been more scared of ourselves.

Phillip "J Fry" Bischof
for 1st class photography, well done bro'.

Manuel Bartels

for coding this website. He isn't even a nerd!

Stefan Sperner

for shooting and editing our ugly teaser video. You are better than the pope!!!


for making our legs shake in the teaser video. Great tunes dude.

Maximilian Westphal
& Melih Bilgil
for shooting & editing last year's teaser video. Wow, awesome!

Finja Tönsfeldt
& Stefan "Wayne Hard" Wenhart
for hosting, toasting and roasting the event. The ugly beauty vs. the beautiful beast.

Robin "DJ Rowe" Weber

for spinning the wheels of steel like the pro he is. No one plays "Ghostbusters" with more passion.

Daniel "Pivo" Herper

for any kind of daily assistance. We truly admire your patience.

...and finally all Ugly Dancers around the world.
You share our passion/fetish and that's why we are friends till the day we die!!!