ugly dance


10 teams, 10 intolerable performances. 10 chances to convince the jury of unique ugliness. But only 4 teams reach the final round. It's high time to battle and fight to's blood. Team vs. team. Ugliness vs. ugliness. The audience decides the fate by booing. You know, booing is the new cheering.

The 1st annual Ugly Dance World Cup took place October 10, 2009 in Hamburg City, Germany.
1st Ugly Dance World Champion: Neukirchen Allstars

The 2nd annual Ugly Dance World Cup took place October 23, 2010 in Hamburg City, Germany.
2nd Ugly Dance World Champion: Die Dezentiner


3rd annual Ugly Dance World Cup
October 15, 2011
Terrace Hill, Hamburg, Germany

Everyone now knows about the beauty to be found in ugliness. After the great success of the inaugural Ugly Dance World Cup it's high time to claim world domination. The art of ugliness will take over, step by step. 
It’s so easy to dance nicely, but ugly dancing is an art. We like to call it “ugly aesthetics”. Be part of it and get prepared for 2011. Keep it ugly!

Application phase starts August 15, 2011
Application deadline is October 7, 2011.

Apply now!