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The Nominees 2010 / Team JAMP Aachen, wa! (Germany)

19 October 2010 in News, Nominees 2010 with 0 comments

What's your team name?
JAMP Aachen, wa!
Who are the team members and what are their special personal attributes?
Miss Ugly Brain: Her character is so ugly! She’s got no friends, even her parents don’t like her.
Coloured Emo: She is the girl of 1.000.000 ugly colours.
Das ?: It lives in its own ugly world because this world is so damn ugly!!
Mister Butterfly: He is a little bit confused and proud of his 106 Kg.

Where are you from?
Aachen, wa!

Why are you gonna be world champions?
Because we are the Masters of Ugliness. We are the ugliest dancers, we’ve got the ugliest dress and we hate the ugliness of our team members!

Which song did you choose for your performance?
Sean Paul- Get busy / Salt n’ Peppa – Push it

Which artist primarily influenced you on your long career till becoming a world class ugly dancer?
Of course Alexander Marcus, the famous singer and dancer. His songs Homodance and Papaya are the masterpieces of ugliness. Also David Hasselhoff and Salt n’ Peppa.

How would you describe your style and what's your signature move?
Our style is oldschool Ugly Dance mixed with Krüppelballet and famous dance moves of history. We also have new moves that makes your eyes fall out of your head.
Our signature move is the bodyflow, presented by Das ?

What have you ever wished to tell us and the world?
We are the geilsten Säue wo gibt! Schnall you an!!
We Say Ugly! You Say... Fuck you in your ugly asses, we are the worst!


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