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Neukirchen Allstars | Ugly Dance World Champions 2009

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Who are the team members and what are their special personal attributes?
1) J.DZZLE aka Pantomime-Boy: Specialist for every kind of pantomime
2) SuperFEHR
: Special move: „Jungle Drum“
3) Boogalo Borst
: Special move: „Flying Fist“
4) night fIWER
: Special move: “The horny bird”
5) P-LOVE (Replacement dancer)
: Ugly moves in general

Where are you from?
Neukirchen, Germany

Why are you gonna be the world champions?
We are counting on luck, because we do not have any skills.

Which artist primarily influenced you on your long career till becoming a world class ugly dancer?
SuperFEHR: „Ich habe die Liebe zum UglyDance durch finnische Tangotänzer gefunden“

Night f.IWER: „Der jüngste der Bachmann-Brüder hat mich mit seinem „All-you-can-move“-Trick verzaubert. Seitdem tanze ich ugly.“

Boogalo Borst: „Es war kein geringerer als Sören Riechmann, der mich mit seiner phänomenalen „Flying Fist“ kombiniert mit „Hosenriss“ überzeugt hat.“

J.DZZLE: „Ganz klar! Es sind die Synchronschwimmer gewesen, die mich inspiriert haben.“

How would you describe your style and what’s your signature move?
Our style is very powerfull, because we have dancers from several styles in our group. We have for example: a pet imitator, a pantomime and a few other impressive performer in our team. If you realize our message, you are surfing on lava.

What have you ever wished to tell us and the world?
We win this and then we make ourselves me nothing you nothing out of the dust!

We say ugly! You say… Foxdevilswild!


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