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The Nominees 2010 / Stage Order

21 October 2010 in News, Nominees 2010 with 0 comments

The Ugly Dance Team of Excellence happily presents the randomly selected stage order of the nominees 2010. But we are too lazy to write it down, so please check out the photo below to find out.

Ok, we finally found someone to write down the teams. Thanks Barack Obama!

1. Jeremy-Pascal FuNfF10
2. JAMP Aachen, wa!
3. Team Schädel
4. Trendy, fesch und hip in Hamburg
5. Chuckelines of Norris
6. Inferno Ragazzi
7. Team Remmidemmi
8. Woidboyz
9. Fett-tastic Kidz
10. Die Dezentiner

1.     Jeremy-Pascal FuNfF10

2.    JAMP Aachen, wa!

3.    Team Schädel

4.    Trendy, fesch und hip in Hamburg

5.    Chuckelines of Norris

6.    Inferno Ragazzi

7.    Team Remmidemmi

8.    Woidboyz

9.    Fett-tastic Kidz

10.  Die Dezentiner


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