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The Tightest Boy Alive (feat. Bonnie sTyler)

23 August 2010 in News, Nominees 2009 with 0 comments

Who are the team members and what are their special personal attributes?
from left to right:
1) Heinrich “Crackhustlin’” Peinlich – the neatest gangster in the Rhein-Main-Area
2) Percie van Styles – is against fur coats….from last season
3) Bonnie sTyler – (the cheapest) pick of the bunch
4) Hairy “The sneaky Fly” Fairy – walking disability, squint, spasms, tremor

Where are you from?
Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt, but our roots go all the way back to the Bronx.

Why are you gonna be the world champions?
We’ve been through that shit: from the curbstone to the skyline…anyway we must not win: mo‘ money, mo‘ problems.

Which artist primarily influenced you on your long career till becoming a world class ugly dancer?
Yvonne Catterfeld

How would you describe your style and what’s your signature move?
Our style is horny and one big signature move.

What have you ever wished to tell us and the world?
Only Mrs. Merkel can lead us out of the crisis.

We say ugly! You say…hey DJ spin that shit!


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