ugly dance

Team Stumning (Sweden)

Sep 03, 2010 in News, Applications 2010 with 1 Comments

Man måste lära sig krypa innan man kan gå. Please say "hej" to the friendly boys from Sweden. We are elated due to the first application from Scandinavia. Professional Ugly Dance fans might recognize something familiar.

Ugly Dance International

Sep 02, 2010 in News, Inspiration with 0 Comments

Ugly Dance is an international phenomenon. Ugliness sees no colours, no religion, no gender, ugliness unites the people. Please enjoy the worst clips worldwide:



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Super Geek Dance

Sep 01, 2010 in News, Inspiration with 0 Comments

Julien Kedryna from Paris sent this very impressive geek dance clip. A great inspiration for all Ugly Dancers around the globe. He's got the power!

God loves Ugly Dance!

Aug 31, 2010 in News, Inspiration with 0 Comments

Holy crap! Basil Renz sent this cracking clip. Thank God for supporting Ugly Dance!

Dr. Dance Reanimation Squad (Germany)

Aug 31, 2010 in News, Applications 2010 with 0 Comments

Boom, a new application video arrived. It was sent by Dr. Dan Dancer - his rhythm feels like cancer. His own description: "We are some damn ugly participants of the 2nd Ugly Dance World Cup. Our video is Tarantino inspired and beyond your imagination. So lean back and enjoy our ugliness." We will! The Ugly Dance Team of Excellence recommends the hilarious robot moves starting from minute 2:42.